Burmese Cats

Perhaps you’d like a little background on Burmese cats. Learn about our traits, our personalities and our history. You’ll see that Sparky (that’s me! Meow) is a playful one not only because I’m a kitten but also because it is a trait of the breed. My love of people, my intelligence (again…how many other cats do you know that can use Twitter and write their own blog?) and so forth is all part of my breed.


From PetFinder.com you see we are “amusing, playful, and super-smart”. It’s true. I loooove to play (which you will of course find amusing). And smart? Oh good googly…I’ll figure anything out rather quickly.

We are vocal like our Siamese cousins but not as noisy. Our meows are a bit softer and raspier too. Add this to our intelligence and our strong-willed nature and you better believe we’ll keep talking to you until you figure out what we want.

We are very very very people-oriented. We love to be around people. Love a nice warm lap. We’ll pretty much approach anyone because we love people so much.

Very playful and athletic. It’s not uncommon (actually, it’s rather common) that we will play catch with you. Yes, just like a dog. You throw something, we’ll fetch it.

Now take this all in for a moment. If you expect the typical loner of a cat, perhaps a Burmese is not for you. We want attention. We want to play. We want to be around you. We want to play a bit more. I think we could use a little more attention too. However, this also makes for a fun breed of cat to have. If you enjoy interacting with your pet, we’re right here with you. Think of us as the perfect pet…loyal and playful like a dog yet we can go to the bathroom on our own, are quieter, and don’t require so much supervision. More fun than just a regular cat that just sits around and sheds everywhere and eats the food you provide.

To see just how fun we can be, check out this little snippet from Wikipedia: “Burmese maintain kittenĀ interests and energy throughout their adulthood and are very athletic and playful. In some instances they even retrieve items as part of a game. Burmese can also be trained to jump through hoops (similar to the jumping cats at Inle Lake, Burma), are comfortable traveling in cars and have even been documented to partake in caving.

All cats are not created equal. Enjoy your foray into the ways of a Burmese cat.